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Discover the benefits of a clinical placement with Country Health SA

Find out what other health discipline students say about their experiences on a country placement, by watching the videos below.

Discover why you should consider a country clinical placement, and hear what current students have to say about their experiences.

Are you interested in a career in Mental Health? Find out what current and past students say about how a country clinical placement in Mental Health changed their minds about their future careers.

What makes a country clinical placement in a small regional and rural community different? Listen to the stories of current students, what they loved about their country lifestyle and the adventures they had.

Accelerate your career
Did you know that switched-on, forward-thinking health students are requesting their clinical placement with Country Health SA?

Why is that? Because it's a great head start to your healthcare career!

You get access to a wider range of clinical experiences and patients with a diverse range of needs, all within a supportive organisation where you can truly grow.

And the best part is it's really a big adventure. Who knows where it will take you?

Learn a broader range of new skills, faster
Would you like to learn a broader range of clinical skills, faster? When you complete a placement in the country, you will have an opportunity to challenge yourself, to develop your clinical skills, and learn just how resourceful you can be. You will work in an environment where you can meet patients from different backgrounds, and treat a more diverse range of clinical presentations.

Give Country Health SA a try
Trying out different employment and clinical settings will enable you to discover what's right for your career after university.

Why not give Country Health SA a go? You never know where the experience might take you!

Not only can you make a real difference and feel like an important part of your community, but you'll be part of a growing, innovative and award-winning healthcare service.

So, if you are serious about starting your career in the best place to build your skills in a fun, welcoming and engaging team environment, consider a placement with us.

Experience a new adventure in country South Australia
Some of the best things about going on placement in the country are the endless possibilities of adventure, the ability to take time out, and relax and being a tourist in your spare time.

This is your chance to go outside your comfort zone and experience life differently.

You can spend your weekends exploring the local environment and attractions, whether it is enjoying water sports in the Riverland, exploring the beaches in the South East or going on an exciting outback road trip in the Mid North.

Making new connections - socially and professionally
One thing is for sure; you will have opportunities to make new friends and professional connections and take part in a range of social and recreational activities. Many students say they were really surprised by the level of involvement in the social scene, and the number of new friends that they made along the way.

Join a friendly workplace
You will be welcomed into your placement workplace with open arms. Our staff enjoy training and working with students on a regular basis, as it means they can contribute their knowledge to the next generation of health professionals.

Our students say they feel well-supported by their supervisors and feel like an important part of the team, providing health services to the local community.

A big decision with a big impact
Deciding to be away from home for several weeks on a clinical placement with Country Health SA is a big consideration. We understand that there may be a financial impact when living away from home, travelling and accessing local accommodation.

However, students are recognising the long-term benefit to their career by choosing to go on a country clinical placement. Graduates and health professionals who seek employment with Country Health SA can take advantage of the opportunities available and accelerate their career.

Universities are also supporting rural placements by providing scholarships and grants - please contact your University for more information.

Choose Country Health SA for your placement

"I thought that it was really hard to get a good placement, because of the things that former students had told me. However, there are lots of great opportunities available with Country Health SA and I'm so glad I did!"  - Port Pirie student, Nursing

So, what are you waiting for? When it's time to request your next clinical placement, ensure you request Country Health SA.

You won't regret the diversity of experiences, the learning opportunities, the new people you meet, the friends you make, and beautiful scenery you get to experience in country South Australia.

Contact your university placement coordinator to arrange a placement with Country Health SA.
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